Tuesday, April 26, 2011

9 days out!

As I sit here in my living room tonight I am ever aware thaty we are 9 days out from our departure to the Middle East. I think it has been a hard few weeks for each of our team members...all struggling with lots of "life"! For me, I have been super heavy-hearted for many reasons, but yesterday God filled my heart with a longing to go serve Him and leave my heavy-heart behind! He reminded me how it felt as our team gathered at church-wide prayer a couple of weeks ago...how amazing it was to be surrounded by people who longed to see us make a difference, who "got it", who have given us their support by praying for us, who took the time to circle up...touch us...and pray in the power of the God of the Universe! And then, he reminded me about our team commissioning in church a couple of weeks ago...what a privilege (that I never want to take for granted, by the way) to be part of a church that places such priority on "launching" people out into the community and the world!!!!!

I have no idea what God has in store for our team...but this I DO know: He has clearly knit this team of 6 women together, He has clearly given us all the same heart to speak into the hearts of women across the world, He has clearly given us a spirit of unity, and He is CLEARLY IN CHARGE!!!

As we go out, please honor us with your comments. Thsoe comments will be our touch with home while we are gone. Above all, PRAY FOR US!!! We ask that you would pray daily that we would stay focused on HIM, follow HIM, glorify HIM, and honor HIM in everything we do!

I feel so blessed tonight to have been given an opportunity to see first hand what God is doing in a place so very far away. Isn't God so good that even though He definately doesn't need us to accomplish His purposes, He allows us to be His hands & feet?

From a plaque in my grandchildren's rooms: Jesus Knows Me, This I Love

In Him,
Sherri :-)

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  1. team asia prayed specifically for team barnabas today! can't wait to see how you all get used!