Monday, March 7, 2011

Ode to team barnabas (that means i couldn't think of what to write, so i wrote a poem- enjoy!)

Dear Jesus, how can I express in words
thoughts and feelings way too deep
for You have planted new seeds here
and left them here to steep (get it? - like tea :-).
how can I move on with life?
the daily demands too great,
my focus on myself, I stress
12 cookies I just ate.
I'm craving Diet Coke right now,
and maybe a glass of wine
but I'll cry out to You the same,
after all, it's just past nine (A.M.)
too early for that glass of wine,
and besides I promised and signed
a covenant with a precious team
with whom tonight I'll dine.
Thank you for these women dear,
they welcome me in their midst,
the tears they flow as i just think
of all we'll do, and say and list-
of all we think we have to do,
and all we want to see
but really Lord You know our hearts,
we truly bend a knee.
We exalt You as the risen King,
our Warrior and our Prince,
who gathers all His daughters near
and fights with armaments-
For You alone have victory
over death and flesh and sin;
our efforts, they are powerless
and implode our works within.
so we ask You, Lord, as we boldly come-
before Your throne of grace,
Show power, mercy and Your glory too
Shine down upon our face.
Praise Jesus, lift Your Name on High!
You alone have made us right
we walk with You and talk with You
and praise You for our sight.
Remove today the blinders still,
from women near and far
Reveal Yourself, O Mighty God,
in dreams, visions and the car (carpool line maybe?)

Let them know, that they are loved,
precious in Your sight
they can know You- Father, Friend,
For You have fought the fight.
Precious woman- you are the prize!
For You He gave His life,
Receive His peace, believe His Name
Let go of sin and strife!
True freedom in the Father's Name-
He offers to each one
please Jesus let them see and know,
You are God's one, true Son!
Give us Your message, loud and clear,
Protect us in this fight,
Your Name we lift on high today
You give us Life and Light!

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