Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jewels in His Hands

Tonight, Saturday, May 14, 2011 as we have taught our last lesson and are preparing to go home I have asked my precious team to give you a small glimpse into a “God moment” from this past 9 days….

Charlotte says…

How do you summarize a life-changing experience in just a few sentences?  Maybe a few disjointed phrases is all I can manage: LAUGHTER with old and new friends as we travel through a different land with similar struggles and challenges.  JOY in seeing God work in each church and teaching time and craft.  WONDER at God’s creation.  AMAZEMENT at God’s faithfulness to answer every prayer big and small.

Billye says…

I could just sign my name after Charlotte’s entry because she summarized our time here so well.  Every prayer prayed in preparation for this trip has been answered by our Sovereign God.  Our relationships with the Lord, with each other, and with our new friends at the AWT have been enhanced, enriched and blessed.  It will be so difficult to say goodbye tomorrow, but we have the promise of spending eternity with them.  Thank  You, Lord.

Sandi says…

To look back at a whole week and choose one highlight is almost impossible.  But from a big picture perspective – women are much the same – mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends.  We may not speak the same verbal language but the language of the heart connects us through Jesus.

Sharon says…

 There is light that shines from Jesus in the eyes of His own.  In a dark place, His light is bright.  I remember looking into the eyes of the deaf women.  Most were sad and dark, confused in purpose, but one set blazed with life and light.  She is the one who testified for His name before the group when the Lord asked me to be silent.  Now I understand why…He left her behind to show them the WAY!!!  Praise God!!

Kim says…

One of the sweetest memories was Rana sharing her heart about the affect the team had on her personally. Everyone needs encouragement. God sends each one of us into the lives of others to offer a timely word, or hug, or smile, or maybe just a listening ear. It’s a reminder that God really does care about His people.  As we step out and encourage others, we too are encouraged. I love how our God works. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of Team Barnabas. I am changed.

Sherri says…

My memories will always found in the eyes of the women here in Jordan. I saw:
            Tender eyes
            Hopeful eyes
            Dull, lifeless eyes
            Tearful eyes
            Smiley eyes
            Eyes filled with joy
            Laughing eyes
            Grateful eyes
            Downcast eyes
            Eyes closed in tender worship to Jesus
            Faces that were so veiled you could only see their eyes, but oh, when we
                        connected….those smiling, grateful eyes were a blessing to me
                        beyond words!
            Eyes of friends deeply connected on the same mission

In closing I would like to describe this amazing team:
            Incredibly fun
            Amazingly gifted
            Full of love for each other
            Prayer warriors
            Willing to do whatever God asks


Please pray for us as we close out this blessed time with 20 hours of “on the ground” & “in the air” travel. We love you and can’t wait to see you!!!


  1. I pray for a "short" trip home for you all as you reflect on the last 9 days of God's work done through faithful daughters.

  2. what an encouragement to sense how the Lord has worked in and through you all there, - thank you for serving, friends! praying for an uneventful journey home...!

  3. Well done good and faithful servants! Welcome home and God bless you ALL! What a blessing you are! Louise